Nintendo Switch Successor Wont Arrive Soon: Doug Bowser Confident of Sales Despite No New Console – Nintendos Cultural Expansion at an All-Time High

Nintendo is in a much more conducive time than ever before for its cultural expansion.
With the distance of the launch of Super Mario os. The Motion picture and the recent opening of the Nintendo World amusement park in Los Angeles, the interest is all concentrated on the designer’s external plans.


Despite having successful tasks in other social media, there is still a concern without responses that does not leave the heads of firm consoles users: When will the next Nintendo Switch appeared?
In a meeting with the Associated Press website, Doug Bowler, head of Nintendo’s US division, said there is no news or announcement about a future follower console of Nintendo Switch over.

He added that the firm is fairly confident that Nintendo Switch can continue to have good sales numbers over the coming years, which demand is no more an issue: […] from the supply chain perspective,
We are able to fulfill the need that exists.
Nintendo Change has sold over 122.55 million devices given that its launch, in 2017-Confor factors out the record of the first quarter of 2023 of Nintendo.
With this, he ended up being the third tool of the very best-selling market, behind just the PlayStation 2 (2000)-159 million-E from Nintendo DS (2004)-154.02 million units.

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