Solve the Virginia Glitch in Sons of The Forest for an Exciting Survival Experience

Sons of the Forest is the host of one of the most attractive survival experiences that exist.
They place you in a dangerous environment and force you to find a way to survive, either on your own or with the help of friends and colleagues.
However, the latter are not always as reliable as he would like, and Virginia in particular can disappear for long periods without a clear way to recover it.
However, there are some solutions for this, so we are here with a guide on how to fix the Virginia Glitch in Sons of the Forest.

How to fix Virginia’s disappearance error in Sons of the Forest and what causes it

The error where Virginia disappears in Sons of the Forest is generally due to one of your attacks damaging.
Then he will flee from you to avoid more damage, but will continue to flee even after reaching the opposite end of the game map.
If you accidentally activate this error, there are some selected methods that you can use to restore Virginia programming and make you return to you.
The first is to go to sleep and spend time for at least one complete day and night cycle.
In most cases, Virginia will reappear and return to your side in the predictable future.
You can also sleep during an additional day and night cycle to be sure.
The second is to save and recharge your game.
If you choose this option, be sure not to save on a file that you created before damaging Virginia, since this will be necessary if you need to resort to the last method to recover it.
Once you have saved, just get out of the game and start it again, loading your new save to return to the game.
Virginia should start returning to you once the new saved is loaded, but you may need some time to communicate with you if you end at the opposite end of the map.
If none of these options works, you must return to load a saved file before accidentally attacking Virginia.
It can be a bit painful to do it if you end up losing progress, but it will also prevent you from losing one of the most useful classmates indefinitely.


Can you recover the team if Virginia disappears?

It should also be clear that you will not be able to recover any Virginia team if this technical problem is irreparable in Sons of the Forest.
Fortunately, you can get new equipment that can be stuck in the Virginia inventory.
Most weapons or teams will reappear if you expect enough.
To trigger the appearance of these new elements, simply rest and wait for some cycles to be passed by day and night before returning to the locations where the element you want to catch was originally found.

Will Virginia’s mistake be fixed in Sons of the Forest?

As for whether this error related to Virginia will be solved or not, most signs point to whether.
Sons of the Forest is still alone in Early Access, so the game developer, End night Games, is still actively developing the title towards a 1.0 launch version.
This failure, along with many other problems, will probably be solved in the next days and months, especially given how frequent the problem is.
That is all to know how to solve Virginia’s mistake in Sons of the Forest.
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