Save Magical Creatures in Hogwartss Heritage: Where to Sell Animals in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts’s Heritage, you meet and cherish various magical creatures living in the highlands.
You can save these creatures from poachers and return them to vi varies in the help.


Naturally, you need to know whether it is possible to sell these animals and where to do it.
Here’s how to sell animals at Hogwarts Legacy.

How to sell magic creatures in Hogwarts Legacy

You can save various magical creatures in Hogwarts Legacy and sell them at the auction.
Brood and Peck store in the village of Hogs mid.
Check the yellow circle on the map of the card above to find the exact location of this store.
Visit the store and talk with Ellie PEK to sell your animals.
Remember that each vivarium contains up to four types, keep this in mind before collecting all animals.

If you have not unlocked all four vivariums, then it is better to sell animals of additional species.
In the game, you can catch unicorns, down jackets, underwear, conductors, giant purple toads, lunar calves, cheer and other animals.
Some magical creatures, such as Phoenix and Count, are unique and have special quests that you need to perform to save these animals.
Keep in mind that the salvation of animals is available after the end of the elf, NASA and the loop of the quest in the Hogwarts heritage.

Is it possible to sell the offspring of animals in the Hogwarts Heritage?

After the end of the quest The Fighting Status of the House Elf in the Hogwarts Heritage you can breed different animals in the room of the requirements.
You will also open a new vivarium in which more magic animals will live.
Breeding animals allows you to cultivate offspring to obtain various magical materials.
You can also sell offspring in Brood and Pack to get gallons.
Usually such animals can be sold for 120 galleons.
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