FC Köln, Borussia Dortmund and the English Premier League clubs Everton and Leicester City.1. FC Köln: Ellyes Skhiris Options Explored – Eintracht Frankfurt, BVB, Everton, Leicester City

At 1. FC Cologne you have understood for a long time what you have about Ell yes Shirt.
Of all times in the last six months of his agreement term, the Tunisian turns even more up and no longer can be kept.
In addition to Eintracht Frankfurt, BVB likewise reveals interest from the Bundesliga.
They didn’t say much, however their reactions and eyes were meaningful.
When Contract was asked by Frankfurt’s s director Markus Roche and coach Oliver Glaser after the 0: 3 at 1. FC Cologne about the efficiency of Ell yes Shirt, a lot was translated in her responses.
Great gamer, Drummer just whined.
Glaser smiled a bit tortured and said: We never ever commented on him. But a gamer who scored 2 objectives has put his stamp on the game.
Not just the video game, however the entire Cologne start of 2023. The Tunisian scored 5 objectives in five video games.
More than anyone else, as a protective midfielder.
He is likewise the most running player in the whole league.

In addition to Frankfurt, English clubs and BVB are said to be on Perfume star Shirt

No wonder that increasingly more clubs are interested in the Shirt, which is totally free of charge at the end of the season.
In addition to clubs from England and France, the Bundesliga of BVB, Bayer Leverkusen and particularly Frankfurt must be interested.
After the 3-0 of the 27-year-old, Perfume’s arena representative Michael Tripped had actually sent a clear message: Goalscorer for 3-0. The one who comes from Perfume, called Tripped.
But Shirt himself had actually sustained the rumors when he had not provided up particular inquiries about Contract throughout the week.
Frankfurt could be a great project, he even stated: You can see what an excellent development you took. I can’t say more. I didn’t speak with you straight.
The FC relies a little on the trump card that the World Cup participant is probably experiencing the very best phase of his career-and that in the now really valued Perfume environment.

BVB or Frankfurt?

Cologne star Shirt ought to first commemorate carnival
Our stadium representative is likewise extremely psychological, said Thomas Kessler, head of the license gamer department, about Trippers announcement.
Realistically, one needs to consider that the sentences have actually fallen plainly.
Due to the fact that he wants to climb the next level on the career leader, Shirt may want to go.
But we will do whatever we can to get a foot in the door when we get the chance, emphasized Kessler.
Of all, Shirt, who came to Cologne for 3 quarters of a year prior to the Corona break out in 2019, is now to see how to commemorate in Perfume.
On Monday, the huge party for the 75th club birthday is on the program, the club’s own carnival session on Tuesday.
And coach Steffen Rampart described immediately after the final whistle: We do not desire to brake today. Let’s go.
But the trainer is also conscious: In Perfume you do not need a factor to celebrate.


It is not likely, but maybe that encourages Shirt, but still remaining at FC.
Otherwise, you might likewise cheer his gates in Frankfurt next year.

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