Nintendo Direct Announces Game Boy Advance Collection Coming to the Nintendo Switch – Highlights Include Golden Sun

At the most current Nintendo Direct it was revealed that a picked collection of the Game Boy Advance is concerning the Nintendo Change.
Mango editor-in-chief is excited about a function play in her childhood: Golden Sun.
I usually greet me big question marks on my counterpart Whenever I tell about Golden Sun.
If you played the J-RPG on the Game Boy Advance earlier, you get a sparkle in your eyes when you pointed out it-and appropriately so!
Golden Sun is a normal J-RPG.
I make sure that part of my enthusiasm comes from childish nostalgia.
When I was 11 years old, the game had its release in 2001.
That was my first point of contact with a traditional J-RPG.
However, I have actually played it once again and once again over the last few years, and I am still convinced that it is one of the finest role-playing games ever.
What is a J-RPG?
The abbreviation means Japanese function play.
This includes experience games established in Japan, who concentrate on story and characters.
It is normal that you play with a group of established characters who control you in turn-based fights at the same time.
But this is not a should to be considered a J-RPG.

Golden Sun has everything I want a role-playing game

What makes the game summed up for me are so terrific:
Tough and fast boss battles, however they can constantly be developed with the best method.
An imaginative story with its own world in which you can sink and simply need to know more.
Super innovative puzzles, of which even the temples in Zelda could cut off a slice.
Reading thoughts that NPCs offers more dialogue choices, and you can discover hidden feelings and tricks.
Your characters master skills that assist check out the world, which gives them more depth.
Incidentally, expedition is always rewarded in Golden Sun!
The sound style and an excellent soundtrack itself.

You remember the tunes and even sounds when running the menu.
A really special highlight: the Machines!
These are small elementary spirits who assist you in fight and thereby give totally new chances for attack combinations and classes.
Golden Sun came out again for the Wii U and from its trailer you get a photo of the game:

what is it about now in Golden Sun?

Essentially, naturally you need to conquer wicked and restore peace.
Your journey starts in the little village of Vale.
For centuries there has actually been a community that calls themselves the keepers of the sanctuary of Sol.
They safeguard a seal in which the science of alchemy is hidden.
Those who control alchemy can concern wealth and eternal life and have the power to destroy the world.
Behind the alchemy is control of the 4 elements: water, air, earth and fire.
The seal was broken, and you now need to prevent someone from getting control of these powers.
You will fulfill three characters on your journey to join your group.
You all master wonderful forces that are designated to the components.

The heart is the Dschinns-like Pokémon, only more complicated

Your magic and class system are connected to the Machines and here it gets actually intriguing!
You collect the jinn throughout the course of the video game, and it might well be that you miss them and never ever get them.
Due to the fact that the little spirits are concealed all over, it is worth checking out the video game world here.
Often you have to fix puzzles to get them.
This is how the Machines look:
You can assign the Machines to your four characters.
This can alter the class and the abilities of the figure.
There is an overall of 28 Machines that are assigned to the four elements.
You can make new classes about the combination of different jinn aspects.
So each character can get more than 10 various classes.
That sounds more complex than it is in the video game, however offers you so numerous opportunities to put together your team and deal with battles.


I can warmly suggest Golden Sun if something appeals to you nearly.
Particularly when you like games like Sociopath Tourist, Enfilade or Last Dream, you get a pearl here that likes to run under the radar.
On the Gamer you will get the details about the Video Game Young boy Advance expansion plan, of which Golden Sun will be part.

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