Lost Ark: Unlock the Trophy for the Toughest Fans – A Reward That You Dont Want to Tell Anyone About!

The MMORPG Lost Ark arrived in the west a year ago.
In keeping with the birthday, the designers are handing out a trophy who only got the most difficult fans of the game.
For them, you have to do so much that some are not even proud of having them.
What type of prize is that?
On February 8, Lost Ark turned an entire year of age in the west, a minimum of for the pre-ordered at that time.
They were allowed to begin the world of Armenia 3 days earlier.
In keeping with this event, there is also a new success with a quite prize for your own island, if you really belong to the hard-boiled fans of the MMORPG.
To get them, you have to be logged in at least as soon as every single day.
Whoever missed even one day was unfortunate.
Can you still get the success?
From now on, success remains in the game when particularly enthusiastic individuals want to overtake him.
It is called 365 days of perfect presence and can be utilized to pursue your progress.
However, the rules remain the same, you have to log in constantly for 365 days in a row to collect the statue.
Incidentally, it is quite possible that Amazon will bring a comparable success for 730 days next year, as there are already similar accomplishments in Korea.
The brand-new continent Pace is already offered in Korea:
The number of people managed to get the prize is not yet known.
We asked straight at Amazon and upgrade this short article as quickly as we have an answer.
Nevertheless, it should not be too numerous.
And not even all of them take pride in it.

fans mock over hardcore players- I do not understand if I ought to be sad or proud

How do fans respond?
Little shocked in the beginning, due to the fact that such a treatment are utilized to numerous from the initial Lost Ark in Korea.
There was recently even a handful of gamers who have been online every day for 4 years.
Nevertheless, the success was not announced to us previously.
Many players respond more to the prize, even some users they got, share this view of things.
Some people refer to the big gatekeeping problem in Lost Ark and jokes, you would soon need the trophy to enter into excellent groups.
By the way, the more or less coveted prize searches in the game:
What do individuals who got the prize state?
In the Reddit, numerous of them really respond rather shocked, however also with embarrassment.
One confirmed in a remark that he received the success then includes his remark with: I do not know if that makes me proud or unfortunate.
Another states in astonishment: I didn’t believe I might get them.
I need to thank the fear of missing something, I think.
He hence points to Lost Ark’s daily login jackets, who revive many gamers every day.
Another user composes This is exactly the type of success that you should not inform other people that you have. In basic, there is a lot of humor in the remarks and little tiff.

external circumstances ruin success, say the fans

What do the other fans say?
With a handful of fans there is anger over the trophy.
There are some remarks from individuals who claim that they need to have received success, however do not have it.
Others simply do not like success in themselves.
Imagine you have something dangerous and need to go to the medical facility.
Zack, lost success composes the user Akasha1885 on Reddit.
Tessarasorc is also frustrated by the success: There are some individuals in my guild who missed it for a couple of days.
2 members because they needed to go to funerals.
Because there was no internet for a number of days in Canada last year, others missed the trophy.
All success does not feel good.
Other gamers take the matter out with a lot of humor and fire comments like: You must touch turf again if you still understand what that is.
What do you think of success?
Did you even get it?
Please write it in the comments here at Mango.
There has been a new class in the MMORPG Lost Ark given that January-when does it come to us?

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