Can You Go to Battle for Azeroth Raids Alone After the Dragonflight Exit in World of Warcraft?

Since the Battle for Zeroth is outdated after the Dragonflyight exit, two expansion packages are outdated, and the World of Warcraft players are wondering if BFA can now be conducted alone.
As a rule, this is the time when Blizzard does it possible, but with BFA everything is different.

Is it possible to participate in the single raids of BFA in Dragon flight?

As for Dragon flight, it is still impossible to pass solo-raids from the Battle for Zeroth additions.
There may be some bosses that you can handle alone or with a small group, but the Buff of the Multiple, given to the players alone in old additions, such as the legion previously, is not available for BFA.
This means that this is much more problems than it is worth it, and players will not be able to pass entire raids in a matter of minutes, as in other extensions.
Blizzard also did not fly accessible to BFA zones, which is another deviation from how they relate to old extensions, but for this there may be a good reason.
New players jumping in World of Warcraft are sent to the BFA campaign, and since this is de facto experience of new players, perhaps that is why Blizzard has not yet made a trivial content.


Why do you need a solo in the old raid in World of Warcraft?

The main reason for which players return to the old raids is the style of transmogrification of the equipment of the equipment.
Although the drop-down equipment is strongly outdated from the point of view of the initial level of the subject, its appearance can still be unlocked and used on any current equipment.
This means that if players like the appearance of the old set, they can simply convert the appearance of their armor to the one that was unlocked, despite the fact that he really did not wear them.

Current content, of course, is the king in World of Warcraft, but when there is a break between additions or raids, players like to return to unlock some of the old things that they may have missed.
It does not seem that the old raids will not go anywhere in the near future, and since they take several minutes, this is also not a huge loss of time.
Of course, players will have to hope that their GSC is in order, because the loss is not guaranteed.
Blizzard improves the chances of falling rare objects, for example, the X-45 Heartbreaker, so perhaps once they will do the same for old raids.
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