How To 3-Star The Beast King Challenge In Clash Of Clans: A Guide For Winning Strategists

The free mobile strategic game Clash of Clans has become a huge hit, largely due to its ability to stay at the top of its game thanks to the constant release of new content.
Players create the base of their clan, teaching new troops and heroes and building new buildings to support their growth, and then go out and attack their neighbors to increase their wealth.
But the tests limited at time refresh the situation with limited troops and the goal, offering players to beat time to get disposable awards.
Below we will discuss how to get three stars in testing the king of animals in Clash of Clans.

How to take a test of the king of animals in Clash of Clans

Start with the opening of the News tab (below on the right, next to the Shop button) and click the Events tab.
If he is still working, the King of the Beasts test will be the first on the list.
Just click the Attack to start.
To get complete awards, you need to complete the event with three stars to get the builder’s potion and 400 experience.
As soon as you press the Attack, you will have three minutes to make a call.
But the clock will not start until you deploy your first detachment, so do not panic.
Before you start, make sure that the great overseer to set up an attack on the ground.
Now you are tuned to win.
Start by reset four vile goblins to the center of the map to the left of the marked area (1), which will go to the city at the clan fortresses, demolish it and stop its ability to release archers.
With a destroyed lock, you can place your own archer in the upper left corner (2), attracting all the archers that appeared to it as a distraction of attention.
Now look at the opposite side of the map where you will see four monoliths (3).
In the middle there is only one piece of wall.
To drop four skeletons and invisibility of them, and let skeletons do their job.
Focus on this, dropping invisibility (you can use all four) to protect them until they destroy all four monoliths.

Send the main offensive

Go to the opposite side of the place where you placed the archer and throw the royal champion and combat training (4).
Also add a pair of vile goblins to destroy dark elixirs (one in each direction).
As soon as they overcome the first wall and the goblins destroy two towers, strengthen them with the help of electrics, the barbaric king of the vile goblin skeleton.
Your drill should move to the center of the screen, while the rest destroy bunkers for storing dark elixir.
Place your queen of archers and the great overseer outside the lower half of the right wall about halfway, south of your fighting troops inside and next to the place where your goblin took dark elixirs.


All this should direct all your troops down and right while they destroy the enemy.
Now in the lower corner they must demolish the builder’s hut.
Add a skeletal spell, and now that all your troops work as a large group, they will again begin to move up and to the left corner.
Help them by throwing the four remaining spells of the skeleton in the group of hellish towers in the left corner (6).

Demons of the Town Hall

Use the ability of a great guard to protect skeletons and drill.
When Inferno Towers are lowered, add a hunter to support the queen of archers.
When you turn to the center, the drill should be on the town hall.
As soon as it drops, you can use the ability of Queen archers to aim at buildings in the last region in the upper central part of the screen.
With his defense and deployed troops, you can let them do your job while you are waiting to get your three stars.
In general, this is not easy to carry out, since an erroneous click or failure from AI of the troops can lead to your plans collapse.
But since this is a fun three-minute test, you just need to shake off and continue.
The builder’s potion as a reward for three stars is definitely worth persistence.
Good luck!
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