James Gunn Is Terminating Every Hero In DC

In a recent tweet, filmmaker James Gun has caused a stir in the DC universe community by suggesting that all current roles at DC should be recast for the upcoming DCU. Could this be the start of a massive casting shakeup? Read on to find out more and hear what Gun has to say about it!

Since James Gun and Peter Saran were signed for the DC studios, there have actually currently been some modification.
Films like Wonder Lady 3 or Man of Steel 2 were canceled, for example.
In addition, it was just recently announced that the new Superman strip will not be shot in the leading function without Henry Cavill.
Are this why all roles within the DC cosmos are now instantly cast?
James Gun has actually now discussed Twitter.

brand-new castings for the DCU?

We just recently reported on the tremendous reaction with which Gun and Saran were confronted for the next Superman movie after their decision.
Under the Twitter thread, in which Gun described his experience with the reaction, the potential casting of other roles was likewise an issue.
When asked by a user who dealt precisely with this, the director replied: I keep seeing posts with this wrong theory. We will not modify all roles outside The Suicide Squad.
Whether fans will be satisfied with this answer stays open.
After all, it is still uncertain which roles will be filled for the future tasks, and which are not.


The Collider website highlights that there had formerly been theories that just a little number of tasks would keep their cast.
The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker remained in the room in this regard, since Gun had composed the script for both projects.

more news about Hollywood

In addition to the wide variety of reports on DC, the Marvel universes is about to begin the 5th MCU stage.
The 5th phase is scheduled to begin with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quanta mania and the third Guardians-of-the-Galaxy movie next year.

In addition, Avatar: Method of Water has actually been released by the long-awaited extension of the hit from 2009.
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