Souls Remnant: A 2D MMORPG That You Can Play Free For 2 Weeks

Soul’s Remnant is a 2D MMORPG set in the rich world of Persia. Your main goal will be to find and unite parts of the Soul, which has been shattered into pieces by evil forces. The game is free to play for two weeks on Steam, so hurry up and check it out!

The indie MMORPG Souls Residue welcomes you to a complimentary play test.
Here is what you have to do for it.
This is Souls Residue: behind the charming video game there is a 2D MMORPG with a concentrate on platforming and gameplay.
You slip into the function of a little spirit and explore the big world of Souls Residue.
The video game is a solo job by the pastime developer Common, on which he has been working for over 6 years.
It is entirely free play and does not have a cash store or other monetization choices.
Rather, fans of the game can voluntarily support the Dev on Patreon.
You can try souls remnant: On December 16, the open play test of the video game started.
If you want to try souls residue, you can do it completely totally free of charge by producing an account on the main page:
Wish for registration here
The test takes 2 weeks, so you do not have permanently time to take a look at the video game.
You can see a gameplay trailer for the open alpha here:
This is how Soul’s remnant plays: The 2D MMORPG does not have a repaired classis, however an upgrade system.


The battle system in Souls Residue is not especially intricate and is reminiscent of the previous 2D-Zelda games.
The killing of beasts offers you Exp and at a level-up you get 5 points that you can pack in various status worth:
Strength increases physical damage
Ability increases the Kit rate and the damage to varied weapons
Intelligence increases the magical damage
Stamina increases HP and defense
Spirit increases MP and MP guideline
Joy increases the likelihood of drops and minimizes the amount of the lost Exp after death
You will also get an ability point at the level-up.
If you have gathered several of them, you can use them together with some products to open different skills.
This applies to all kinds of skills, beginning with fight to gathering abilities.
Another way to expand your character is likewise the Monster Proficiency System.
It is essentially a death counter for the monsters you performed in the video game.
From a specific quantity, you open various benefits, such as Bonus offer Exp.
The dungeons in Souls Remnant have to be opened with items that drop the monsters outdoors world.
After activation, you can explore them in a group of approximately 4 players and do in charges in it.
This is brand-new in the play test: the developer Common announced brand-new content for the open play test.
This includes:
2 new areas
3 brand-new bosses and 14 brand-new types of monsters
31 brand-new items and 94 crafting dishes
1 new dungeon and a new Dungeon Occasion System
Weather and more
In the main discord of Souls Residue you can look for connection, however bear in mind that the indie job is just readily available in English.
It is a good idea to drum some friends together and go checking out with them if you are not powerful for the language.
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