Doom Line Play Video Release

On the 16th, X. D released a play video of ‘Doom Line (English Title: Oblivion Override)’ in the background of the Mechanic Apocalypse.


‘Doom line’ is set in the backdrop of a fictional future in which humanity is destroyed and robots are new to achieve this civilization, and the user manipulates the experimental combat robot to find a secret code hidden in the Dams base.

‘Doom line’ is a key to a light, dynamic side-scrolling battle and a soft action with a free movement.
In the play video, you can get a glimpse of the speed of speeding action, such as a two-stage jump and then freely switched to a dash during a jump or an attack.

In addition, unlike other Doglike games that rely on random choices and upgrades when they are at least a certain level, they can be upgraded anytime, anywhere, and can be upgraded anywhere.
With a variety of weapons and characteristics in the game, the enemy is quickly cleaned up and turns the random options at any time, selecting a building that suits the situation or a situation that suits the situation, and shows a unique tempo overcoming the stage.

Detailed information of Doom line can be found on the Steam and Tap page.

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