Cuphead DLC: A Great Milestone- Developers Confirm Sales Have Reached 1 Million Copies

Some months have passed since the DLC of Cup head known as The Delicious Last Course was launched to the market, this was a great event for all fans who tested the original.
And while not so much noise was made compared to the vanilla title, it seems that it has not been bad speaking in a matter of sales achieved.
Through the official Twitter account of the franchise, the game developers shared a message confirming more than 2 million copies of this expected expansion.
Same that has logically distributed on different platforms, be it consoles, computer and even the MAC version available on Steam.

To our astonishment, we can announce that The Delicious Last Course has become double platinum, selling 2 million copies on all platforms!

We are very grateful to all who joined Cup head, Mug man and Ms. Chalice in this new adventure.
Your support means the world to us.
It is worth mentioning, that surely the recent release of the game in physical format helped, so players surely bought one more copy of the title and that adds if they compared it in Steam and some console.
To that is added, that this new DLC content had a great acceptance due to its new character and additional bosses.


Remember that Cup head The Delicious Last Course is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
Via: Twitter
Editor’s note: I personally enjoyed this extra content of the game, the only bad thing was to finish it in a couple of hours, the truth, I would have paid about $20 if at least two more islands were made.
At least, we have the opportunity to buy the game in physical.

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