The Witcher 3: Open Sesame Quest Guide

Open Sesame is one of The main missions of The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone and the second of Algiers von Eve rec’s wishes.
Algiers requested Maximilian Borodin’s house but did not give more details.
This is a pretty confusing request for Gerald since he has no idea how to transfer a house to another place.
All he knows is that he has to visit an auction house in Erfurt.

Here we are going to offer a complete Open Tutorial Sesame Quest and break down each of the various aspects of the search.

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone Open Sesame

The auction house is owned by Horst Borodin, the son of the late Maximilian.

Gerald will need to talk to this man to continue the search, but that is not so easy.
Entering the auction house is not easy for common people, but fortunately, Master Vivaldi (owner of Banco Vivaldi) is close and turns out to be one of your friends.
It makes you enter and informs you that you will have the opportunity to talk to Horst after the first round of auctions.
While waiting, Vivaldi will point to three people with whom he can interact or ignore completely.
Be sure to talk to Countess Ignore, since she is your only opportunity to get a rare set of armor, and with Armor to have the opportunity to get a good gain.
Again, you can completely ignore these people, but you would be harming yourself.
Once you are ready, you can sit on the bank to start the auction, or start automatically after you talked to the other three important guests.
You don’t need to buy anything during the auction if you don’t want it.
Then, there will be an intermediate in which you will have the opportunity to speak with the same Horst.
No matter what dialogue options you choose here, you will be expelled.
It turns out that Mr. Borodin did not like his line of questions, even if he was being courteous.
Once outside, the guards will try to hit you, beat them and follow your path happily.
Now is when you will meet The Stranger and Open Sesame becomes a very different search for what you probably expected.

The team

The Stranger makes you meet him in the cabin of a herbalist.
Simply provide the password (it is automatically added as an element of conversation, so don’t worry about forgetting it).
Below, in the basement, the stranger will present a proposal.
Join him and share his plan to break into the vault of the auction house where the article you are looking for is located.
After revealing its elaborate plan, Gerald points out that it is too much for only two people.
This is where the next part enters;
You will have to recruit a team and complete a certain task to keep the guards away.
You will need a thief and a thief of safes, and you must also make sure that the guards and soldiers in the area are too worried about what happens in the auction house.
Once you have completed those three missions, it is time to break into a certain auction house in Erfurt.

The robbery, part 1

The first part of the real robbery is simple.
Start with a Gerald scene and company entering the auction house.
Then, the team shares some words of choice with The Stranger, since things were not completely without problems.
Once you have control again, collect the love letters on the table.
They will appear in red while using your Witcher Sense (they are not part of this mission, but you will be glad to have obtained later).
Now, go to the auction house and towards the vault.
There will be some workers who will call three guards to stop you.
Once you have done enough damage to their ranks, another scene will be reproduced, showing Horst locking up in his vault and playing an alarm.
What happens next will be developed differently depending on whom you choose as a thief of safes.

Choose fifth

Choosing fifth allows you to avoid combat taking hostages.
The stranger will grab a man and put a knife in his throat.
The guards will come to the window demanding that you release the hostages, you must choose the following dialogue options to pass this part without fights:
Get away from the auction house.
Bring us a car and horses.
It doesn’t matter as long as it is.
I will leave one free now.
The rest later.
Whenever choose these exact options, the guards will leave him alone and can go directly to the vault.

choosing Casimir

Since Casimir likes things that explode, no matter what you have done before, you will still have to fight.
When the doors of the vault fly, everyone will be knocked down.
The guards will run, and it’s time to fight them (don’t worry, there are very few guards).

Once you have finished with this section prior to the vault, the door will remain open (either by stealth or by force).
As soon as you enter, you will fall to the ground where there are four huge spiders.
Activate your Queen and kill these disgusting beasts.
It is time to assault the vault.

Open Sesame Final

You have finally reached the vault.
Inside, you will find Horst and two guards, but before you can face him, The Stranger reveals himself as Wald Borodin, the despised brother of Horst.
He wanted to take revenge that his brother stole all the fortune.
At this point, Horst will offer you to join him to eliminate Wald in exchange for the protection of the guards and whatever you want.
Fifth will put on the side of Horst by greed, but Casimir will fight by your side because he definitely has honor.
Put on Wald’s side leave your team to deal with HORST and his guards.
Once Horst has about 10 percent of his health, a scene will be reproduced.
Then you will have the option of making a deal with Wald for Maximilian’s house or fighting him for the complete package.
Taking the side of Horst presents the same option, only that you must first kill Wald.
Whether you choose or not just the box or the whole matter, it will just complete this main mission of Hearts of Stone.
Before going, be sure to loot everything that is in sight.
There are a lot of valuable treasures, as well as a powerful and rare Witcher sword.
To get out of this vault through the secret entrance, look to the right where Maximilian’s house was, to a corridor lined with statues.
That’s where the exit is.
The button to open it is on the other side of the vault behind a pillar.
That is enough for our Witcher 3 Open Sesame tutorial.


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