When it comes to a stop Naruto, it is a dlan DLC, ゔ ゔ そ そ そ そ そ が が が が が が が が

Regardless of his fantastic age and regardless of his bad grades, Naruto to Boru to: Shinobi Striker continues to delight his community which can when again welcome new material.


The video game is currently living its season 5, and after making us vibrate with Konohamaru Saratov (the grandson of the 3rd Homage) last September, it is Naruto’s turn to be chosen for the DLC 32.
It is undoubtedly an upgraded version of our Ninja de Konoha which is proposed, since it is Naruto in the adult years and with this capability to transform into Baryon mode, its ultimate transformation.

Undoubtedly, we will suddenly discover all of his attacks which choose it, namely his techniques Baryon Bullet Barrage, Baryon Tail Breaker and Baryon Development.
Note that the character has actually been available given that Friday.

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