How to dodge the Callisto Protocol

In the game of survival in the horror genre, such as The Callisto Protocol, every second is important.
The only mistake can cost you life, and this is what you do not want.
Although Callisto Protocol has evasion mechanics so that you can avoid a blow, it is only briefly explained in training programs.
This leadership will help you learn how to dodge The Callisto Protocol correctly.

How the evasion works in the Callisto Protocol

In fact, in order to dodge the attack, you need to hit the left analog joystick immediately before the enemy attack will land.
You can push the analog joystick left or right to evade attacks immediately before it lands.
Evasion of attacks requires accurate calculation of time.
If you confident too soon or too late, the attack will land.

One of the exploits that you can use is double input.
Double pressing analog joystick in one direction will allow you to more effectively evade any attack with a lower chance to spoil the synchronization of the input.
For a single evasion, it is best to choose the time when the enemy takes his hands back to attack.
If the enemy attacks you, you need to evaluate the distance and evade when the enemy is about 3-4 feet from you.
Evasion as such leaves your enemy open to the counterattack.
The best time for double input of your evasion is just when the enemy is preparing an attack.
This allows you to successfully activate evasion and avoid attack.
This method can also dodge several attacks in the chain.


One thing that you must keep in mind is that all evasions should be in opposite directions.
If your first evasion is directed to the left need to make sure that your second slope is directed towards your right.
You can never make some successful evasions in one direction.
This means that if the enemy attacks you combo from three strokes, you need to dodge left, right and left.
You cannot avoid any two consecutive attacks in the same direction.

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