LOL: One of the best top laners of recent years is withdrawn due to health problems


After five years in the professional scene of League of Legends, Augur retires. Although his record is not the most impressive in the world, he managed to consolidate himself as one of the best at a time when the general level of several teams was in several of his highest moments. This is probably one of the periods in which it was more difficult to shine in the game, to the point where even Faker seemed to be losing bellows in front of a new generation with a great projection.

In this article we will review Augur’s career, which has been ‘short’ but intense and with many ups and downs.

Of a promising start at the top of the world

Augur made his professional debut at the South Korean Challenger in 2017, playing for I’m Gaming Star. Despite a quite forgettable general performance by the team, his good work made him file later, one of the big names From the scene: Damon. 2018 is a key year for both him and this organization since it was the year in which they went up to the main South Korean league after eliminating a historical team from the LCK such as MVP.

2019 was another year of learning and great experience for this team. With all the players without hardly having experience in the LCK, they surprised the entire world. First in his country, managing to qualify for the playoffs and then playing Worlds, where they fell to G2 Esports in a very equal and entertaining series.

The 2020 season takes a 180-degree turn at the Summer Split, since there was its turning point and the team exploded. They were regular league champions and playoffs, and in which the MVP of the final went to Augur. During the World Cups, those of Damon surrendered to another level. They only lost three rounds during the competition: one against JDG in the group stage, one against G2 eSports in the semifinals and the last against Sunning in the final.

Augur’s health problems begin to appear

Augur begins to have health problems, which affects his performance in the invoked’s crack. Having left China with FPX, he really failed to do his best despite more than acceptable results (seconds in the Spring and Summer Split). In the World Cup the team burst completely through the air, and failed to cross out of groups. His group was certainly affordable to pass, if we do not tell his former Damon partners. Rogue and Cloud9 formed the rest of the group, which was resolved in a triple tiebreaker that won the American structure. This, added to other problems, were enough reasons for Augur to decide to take a break during the Spring Split 2022.

He tried to return this season during the Summer Split, returning to Damon. He did not make bad performances, but between the time stopped and a certain lack of synergy at key moments, Damon failed to qualify for the LCK final. The story was repeated in Worlds, where Augur was playing well but not enough as in his best moment, predictably because at that time he dragged problems.

His decision to put an end to his career, therefore, seems logical. Despite his short career, he will always remain in the history of Mob as one of the key members of one of the teams that allowed the LCK to renew an aging style of play, with Carry Champions and with a style of play that many young promises and teams have copied

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