Bengi locks in T1 head coach position following Worlds 2022 run

For Benji, this won’t be completely brand-new because the 28-year-old became the interim head coach on Sept. 4 following the teams second-place finish in the 2022 LCK Summer Season Playoffs. Benji led T1 into Worlds 2022, where the group reached the finals for the fifth time in its history however were beat by DRX.


With Benji taking control of the function of the head coach and three other staff leaving, it’s likely that T1 is rebuilding its League coaching staff ahead of the next season. In regard to the lineup itself, no rumors have actually shown anyone is leaving.

The famous former jungle has actually been announced today as the teams head coach heading into the next season, while two other coaches, Kim Minute Highway and Kim Jasper Taegu, quote goodbye to the organization.

BAE Benji Seong-woong has signed a new agreement with T1s League of Legends division and will continue as the head coach in 2023.

Prior to Begins arrival in the group in September, Choir Post Songhua was the teams head coach and became a basic manager after Benji signed up with. He also parted methods the company on Nov. 13.

What will alter, nevertheless, is the Lacks format next season. The competition will be including a double-elimination bracket for the playoffs and integrated lineups.

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