The Gravity B2C Exhibition Hall, G -Star was full from the first day of the G -Star event.

Gravity, a global game company, has received attention from visitors who visited the B2C exhibition hall from the first day of the first day of the game show in Korea.

The Gravity booth, which was decorated with 11 kinds of demonstrations and indie games, attracted attention as it was filled with visitors who wanted to play new works through G-Star. On the large LED screen above the gravity booth, the game introduction and developer’s interview video of 13 kinds of exhibits caught the attention of visitors.

In addition, visitors who participated in the survey after demonstrating one or more games were presented with 100% winning instant draws, such as tumblers, pin buttons, cultural gift certificates, and Ragnarök Goods. I found a booth for.

In addition, for users who cannot come to G-Star, the video was exposed to see the game to be completed by exposing videos to watch videos of exhibits on the G-Star Special website.

Former Director of Gravity Business Division, Choir Songbook, said, This G-Star has prepared a variety of games for visitors who visit G-Star. I hope you will visit the gravity booth for the rest of the G-Star and play a variety of games.

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