Iem Rio Major: After defeat in the final, Sjush says Heroic played far below what he is able

IEM Rio Major 2022 runner-up with Heroic, defeated by outsiders in the CS: GO World Cup final, Rasmus Slush Beck regretted not only the setback in the decision against the team of Jame, Fl1T and company, such as collective performance from the Danish team in the major final. Despite the expectation of a balanced final between the teams, the outsiders was dominant in the match and won 2-0 without major difficulties, with 16×12 partials on the Mirage map and a 16×5 blunt on the Overpass map.

In an interview with MGG azil shortly after the defeat, Squash regretted not only the defeat for outsiders, but especially the team’s collective performance, which in the player’s opinion was much inferior to what the team presented throughout the rest of the competition, Even in the victory of turning over the fury, in which the Danes surpassed not only the panthers, but also the noisy azilian fans present in Tennessee Arena.

I think our campaign in general was very good. We believe in the title time, we trust our work and arrived very far. In the final, but we suffered a very tough defeat, not just for the pain of losing a major final, Because we know we played far below what we are capable and what we show throughout this major. We had a lot of mental strength against the fury, especially when they saved those 10 Ancient Map Points, and unfortunately we didn’t show it against Heroic today evaluated the player.

We made errors in decision-making in Mirage that cost us very important rounds and that could give us the victory on the first map. At Overpass, it is difficult to evaluate yet, because we were completely dominated, in a way that could not happen, because it is an Of our best maps this year. It’s a defeat that hurts, but we have to take learning of it to get back stronger.

Although Heroic was one of the most beloved foreign teams by the azilian public throughout the major, the decision against outsiders was marked by a divided crowd, with a portion supporting the Danes, but many other fans viating with each round won by Outsiders, who ended up gaining the sympathy of the public much due to the popularity of Jame. Squash praised the azilian fans for his support Heroic received throughout the major, but believes that the victory over Curia in the semifinal made the team lose much of the support in the grand final.

Our experience here in azil with the fans was extremely positive. We felt a lot of the affection of people since Legends Stage, and we hope a lot to be here again next year. But when we defeated the fury yesterday, we expected that we would have a portion part of Audience supporting outsider, which is understandable. Any team that beats the home team in a decisive game suffers from it, but I still felt that many people cheered for us in the final, and I am grateful to everyone who supported us. The crowd was half to half, which means a lot to us, especially considering we won the home team.

About the team’s plans for the rest of the year and, especially for the 2023 season, Slush stressed that although this year’s big goal was, of course, the major’s title, the team will focus on the Blast Premier dispute: Fall Finals, from 23 to 27 November, especially because it is a tournament played in Denmark and giving Blast Premier: World Final 2022, last big event of the season.

Obviously, our great goal of the year was the major title, but soon we will have a Blast tournament in Denmark, and we need to focus, as it will be a tournament at home and want to raise a big trophy in our country and win the place for the place Blast World Final. Then we will rest, as it was a long season and early on the year we will have IEM Katowice, one of the most important events of all at CS and that every team wants to be champion at least once in their lifetime, and The same goes for IEM COLOGNE, which happens in the middle of the year, emphasized Slush.

Even with the defeat in the final, we came out of this major, and we need to continue this good time in 2023, because we will have 2 more and next year, and we have to go with the same hunger we came to the major here in Rio. Many teams have lost in finals before they are finally champions, and we are able to do the same.

In assessing the main qualities presented by Heroic throughout the major, Slush emphasized that the team, except for the final, was able to deal with pressure situations and turn around in unfavorable times. On the other hand, he pointed out that the team presented many errors in the decision against Heroic who will need to be reviewed for future tournaments.

Our collective game has evolved a lot in recent months. We had a bad time after IEM Cologne this year and also campaigned well below what we expected at ESL Pro League 16 and Blast Fall Groups, but we were able to ing our best game
For this major, except in the final, obviously. We made some mistakes against outsider, especially when we do not follow what we usually do at important times, but it is still too early to point out more specific flaws. Let’s sit down to study this game, see
Which went wrong and get learning of it all, concluded the Danish Player.


Opening Photo: Michael Mongol / ESL Disclosure

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