Guild Battles 2: Guide for success Memory of the lion, with which you come to the old Löwenstein

In guild Wars 2 was released by a brand-new collection via which you can gain a special item.

What has to be provided for success? You need to gather a total amount of 6 things:

You get five of these items as a benefit if you complete the meta success of the particular episode of the living world season 1. The last object-the trace of memory-is in the final background goal Meeting the Nephritis. There you have to talk to the foggy.

  • Groggier
  • Etherblingen seal ring
  • Medal of the Pavilion Champ
  • Dried nightmare thorn
  • Breaker motorists
  • Trace of memory

We will also discuss exactly how you can complete the private successes. A lot more on the return of the old Eisenstein:

groggier and control: fire and frost

How do I get the groggier? For that, you need to complete the 12 successes from the group: Proficiency: Fire as well as Frost:

Only the successes a heart for ore, fiery monolith and research study 1 are actually made complex. You need to discover concealed points for these 3 successes. In enhancement, we have a map of the Intense blast heating system circumstances from the episode for you.

  • You can just obtain 5 successes to finish the story circumstances.
  • There are 2 various other successes for completion of the particular fractals from flame and also frost.
  • 2 successes are relevant to occasions in the Dies plateau.

  • The red markings are the ores of a heart for ore. There you will find all 16.

  • From Courage monument you will only discover the memorials 1, 3 and 5 (yellow marking) in the circumstances. The 2 lies in the Black Citadel on the Ruined Ruinenvermark, the 4 is located in Hoelkbrak on the wolf mark and also the 6 in Eisenstein on the Eastern district.
  • From Research 1 you will certainly locate tales 5, 6, 7 as well as 8 of 8. The first 3 notes can be discovered in the instance New close friends, new enemies, straight on the table in the command area. Keep in mind 4 is situated at the end of the circumstances The Battle of Glickstein.

If you desire to take a look at the precise points, you will find a guide video clip with the coworkers from Guild news for these three successes:

ether bling sealing ring and the sky pirate control

Just how do I get the etheric cladding ring ring? For these things you need to finish 15 successes around the skies pirates, the second episode of the living globe 2:

The notes 3, 4 and 5 can be located in the tale circumstances for etheric cladding (blue noting on the map). You can locate the notes 1 and 2 in the dead end bar in the circumstances.

  • You automatically wrap up the very first 6 successes with the story.
  • There are 2 more successes for you to finish the fractal Captain Mai Train and also etheric cladding.
  • Two successes pertain to the truth that you beat an enemy within a time limit and that you do an objective without dying.
  • Two successes have to do with occasions in the open globe once more.

For the success recuperation of the prized possessions you have to locate five upper bodies in the ether clads. We have given them with red markings.

The successes Study 2, Tass Master and also Negotiation of prized possessions for which you need to find concealed points are rather tricky.

For the success Tass master there is an excellent video clip from Ayinmaiden:


medal of the Pavilion champion and also mastery mechanical turmoil

Exactly how do I obtain the medal of the structure champion? For this item you need to finish 13 successes around the episode Mechanical Disorder:

The coworkers from created a video clip for this.

  • You obtain 5 of these successes instantly by finishing the story circumstances.
  • You get a success for completion of the dungeon Ether path in the Zwiellichtgarten.
  • 2 successes relate to occasions in the Gendarmes areas.

Most of all, the successes Research study 3″, Research study Recording 1 and Victim of Turmoil for which you have to discover concealed things are difficult.

dried headache thorn and also the proficiency tower of the nightmares

How do I obtain the dried problem thorn? For this object you have to complete 15 successes in the episode tower of the problems in the living globe 1:

This component of the overviews is still operated in progression.

The successes Research study 4, Research recording 2 and also Tower of prizes for which you have to find covert things are challenging here.

  • Six of these successes automatically conclude with the story.
  • For a success you have to finish the Thaumanova activator fractal.
  • You need to beat the brand-new twisted creature for success.
  • 2 successes relate to events in the tower of the problems.

Brushing vehicle drivers as well as mastery fight around Eisenstein

How do I get the Brushing draft group? For this item you need to finish 18 successes around the episode Battle of Eisenstein from the vibrant Globe 1:

Most of all, the successes Research 5, Study videotaping 3, Hunter of the shed components II, Please accompany here and There is no wager. You have to find hidden objects for all of these successes.

  • The first 8 successes full her by merely playing the story.
  • Success is concerning finishing the new Sturmmritter prototype assault mission.
  • Two successes have to do with doing occasions throughout the fight for Eisenstein.

This card shows you the NPCs, which you can find in the circumstances Getaway from Eisenstein for both successes For the result below (red) and There is no bet (blue). Vital: For the first success you have to discover any MOA from the blue markings. You can likewise complete both successes at the exact same time.

For the success Research study 5 there is a great video from the Are net companion Ayinmaiden:

This part of the guides is still function in progression, since the episode just appeared on November 8th.

trace of memory

What do you state concerning these new successes and also the return of the living globe period 1 generally? Like to compose it in the comments.

You get 5 of these objects as an incentive if you complete the meta success of the respective episode of the living world season 1. Only the successes a heart for ore, fiery monument and research study 1 are in fact made complex. You have to discover covert points for these three successes. Crucial: For the initial success you have to locate any MOA from the blue markings. You can likewise complete both successes at the exact same time.

If you have done every one of these tasks, you can see the old Eisenstein once more.

Just how do I obtain the route of memory? For this object you have to go into the last circumstances of the phase Battle for Eisenstein. She bears the name Meeting the Nephritis. There you have to speak with the haze that awaits you at the end of the instance.

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