LOL: JANKOS changes posture, and seriously value play in a LCS team for 2023

One of the great absences in the LEC for 2023 is Janos. We already knew this, since days ago I had confirmed it in his own stream, while playing League of Legends. Throughout the days, we began to glimpse the possible options of the Polish jungle to leave g2 esports and compete at the highest level.

One of them seems to be North America. LEC teams have practically closing all jungles, that possibility of seeing it in the LCS opens.


The LCS could be a real option for Janos

In other words, considered that the region was simply not competitive enough for him or any other professional player who seeks to face the highest level players. Seeing that there is only one hole in the jungle in europe, that of Team Heretics, Janos is practically forced to understand a team from North America to compete there, but wants to start on the bench or in a set of ERA.

This change of opinion came in one of its last direct. One of the Janos spectators asked him about the difficulty in these moments of finding a team in the LEC and if for this setback he is considering going to Na and playing in the LCS. As Janos always does, he replied bluntly, stating that he would be willing to leave on the other side of the puddle: I am considering a team of Na, yes. It is difficult to sign with a LEC team because almost everyone He has an agreement. There is a team, maybe, said Janos.

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