Nexon New Project AK · Hwan -Hojeon Online, G -Star Exhibition

Nixon will showcase two new works in G-Star in front of the public. The main character is the project AK and the online war online.

Nixon unveiled a festival with the project AK (Arab Chronicle: Kazan), which will be presented at G-Star at the 2022 G-Star Media Preview event held at Nixon Korea headquarters on the 8th. In the case of four demonstrations and three video entries, it was released once, but the two new works mentioned above were first introduced through this event.

Project AK (Arab Chronicle: Kazan) is a new game based on the project BBQ, which was first unveiled in 2018. As it is a game belonging to the Dun pa Universe, which expands the dungeon and fighter worldview, it deals with stories about Kazan and Obama in the original, and will only be released as a console. Originally, the project BBQ was scheduled to be produced as an open world RPG, but is now produced as a solid game focused on stories and action. Lee Dungeon, CEO of Nixon Korea, said, We are working together with the idea of creating a strong action with the idea of receiving GOT.

In the video, you can see the sophisticated and meticulous graphics that are not seen in the previous People games. From the original work, Kazan was a monster who was a glimpse of the Pesos Empire 800 years ago, as well as a monster in the background of a pounding castle, swamp, and forest. The video is finished with Kazan facing the upcoming monster with a weapon sword and an ax like his symbol.

The Sancho Lake Online is based on the game of the same name, which was popular in the 1990s, with a new PC mobile MMORPG of the Wind Country: Kite. Along with the original story, the characters and worldviews in the other series are combined, and the original story is also equipped. In the video released in G-Star, you can see the new features of major characters such as the main characters Tho, SAS, and Lin champs, soft movements, illustrations, and unique visuals that combine 2D dots and 3D background graphics.

The introduction of the two games can be viewed on Nixon YouTube, and can be found on the G-Star 2022 Nixon booth. More information about the game will be released later.

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