Iron sauce, a strategic partnership with the sensor tower

[ Moon Byung-soo] Iron Sauce announced on the 4th that it has signed a strategic partnership with sensor tower.

Based on this partnership, Iron Source Luna’s campaign management and optimization function and keyword intelligence of the sensor tower combined. Through this, app marketers will expand the Apple Search ADS campaign to secure users and promote continuous business growth.

Both solutions are also complemented. Sensor Tower provides abundant industry data insights such as exposure market share, competitors and top advertiser keyword analysis, while Iron Sauce Luna is an Apple Search Banquet campaign through app marketers through cross channel advertising data integration, efficient unit price optimization algorithms and campaign batches. It will be supported to manage and optimize the efficiently.

Existing app marketers had to extract data from the sensor tower, analyze keywords, and then add new keywords as Luna platforms, but based on this platform partnership, they can use the sensor tower data immediately when they want in real time in the Luna platform. In addition, all partners and customers of Iron Source Luna can connect Apple Search As to the channel to immediately access the keywords of the sensor tower within the Luna platform.

Adam Stevens, vice president of Iron Sauce Luna, said, Now, app marketers can find new keywords through the Luna platform and run campaign management and adjustment in one place in a completely automated way. I am pleased to be the first app marketing platform in partnership with the sensor tower to support the potential of the app marketer.

Sensor Tower’s advertising and app intelligence products provide powerful insights to markets and competitors, and supports the business through Apple Search as. The partnership with Iron Sauce Luna will combine our insights and Luna’s campaign management and optimization to support the customer’s actual business success more smoothly.

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