Nintendo exhibits beautiful Link statue in its version of Tears of the Kingdom

A few days ago an event known as Nintendo Live was held, which the attendees were able to attend a lot of content related to the renowned Japanese company. Specifically it was a virtual concert that gave artists such as the Shrimp of Platoon 3 , as well as Totaled , the saga’s flagship dog Animal Crossing .

However, there was something else that caught the attention and that was an imposing statue Tears of the Kingdom *. This is the game of the franchise that is still in development, which showed us its new trailer weeks ago in a live.


Here you can see it:

The most curious thing in relation to this statue of Link , is that it has an arm that seems not to be yours, and this is a detail that we have already seen in the few advances in the video game. The name of the artifact or false arm has not been confirmed, but surely it is something relevant to the mechanics and also the history of the expected launch

Remember that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arrives at Nintendo Switch on May 12 .

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