FIFA 23: KOI creates its first section of eSports away from Riot Games games

With the beginning of FIFA 23 and the arrival of a new competitive year, many teams are announcing what the players that defend their colors for this season. In the case of KOI they enter fully into the competition, with the incorporation of two players and a coach, a position that is still booming in our country and that takes another step to the professionalization of it.

Housing has a letter of presentation that is told alone: it was the first Spanish player to win a quay of the FIFA Global Series , specifically a year ago, so it will have an extra motivation plus to repeat exploits that he achieved with the Monkey organization.

The second player is Josebailón, the former player of the Esports del Granada section . The player seeks to take the step forward that he needs his career after achieving several of his results without the support of a team or a coach. With Koi, he will have the opportunity to demonstrate his potential.

An ‘predictable’ agreement to compete in Ellis

Before talking about the team they compete, we are going with who your coach will be. One of the legends of eSports in Spain, especially in Call of Duty will be responsible for directing these two players throughout their stay in KOI. This is LEGEND, which leaves behind a three-year stage in Due Gaming plagued by successes.

In addition to the competitions at European and international level, KOI members will compete in the Ellis with the Andorra shirt . The decision is more than logic, since Gerard Piqué and the Cosmos Group owners of the Principality club that currently militates in Align Martian.

With the presentation of the three members, KOI opens new horizons beyond the Riot Games games in which he seeks to make a mark and take another step in FIFA’s recent history in which the Iberian panorama has shone with own light.

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