[2022 National Assembly] From the Culture Committee, Meta Bus, History Distortion to Network Use and Accommodation Applications

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] The Soon Seok-yeol administration’s first regular National Assembly audit has been imminent, and this year, the Cultural Sports and Tourism committee summoned industry representatives to meet the relationship between ‘meths’, the game, the history distortion in the platform, and the excessive fee of accommodation apps. It is expected to query back.

In addition, there will be a place to listen to opinions on the protection of the rights and network fees that have recently been issues.

According to the National Assembly on the 3rd, the Culture Sports and Tourism Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Culture Committee) held a second plenary meeting on the 27th and confirmed the list of witnesses and reference for the national affairs.

First, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism held on the 5th, King China, CEO of KLPGT (Witness), Kim Daewoo, Never Jet (Witness), Kim Someone, CEO of Disney Plus (Witness) Is adopted.

The game is pointed out about the relationship between ‘Meta Bus’ and the game. On this day, Kim Daewoo, CEO of Never Jet, will continue to query game contents in the meet service ‘Hereto’ based on the law on the promotion of the game industry.

In this parliament, it is eye-catching that you adopted YouTuber as a reference. Through YouTube Kim Sung-hoe, who runs’ Kim Sung-hoe’s G Subset and ‘channel, she will listen to alternatives to strengthen the rights of users who have recently been on the topic of gamers’ street protests.

Kim Someone, CEO of Disney Plus, was adopted on the online video service (OUT) platform. It discusses the responsibilities of contents and OUT operators through newspapers on the historical distortions of ‘Sell Ganglia’ in Disney Plus and the Northeast Fair.

On the 13th, audits of 14 institutions, including the Korea Content Agency and the Film Promotion Committee, will be summoned by Kim Dossier’s Show box (Witness), Kim Byung-soo Megabox Division (Witness), and CHO Youngkin, Director of the Internet Business Association. It is expected that listening to the domestic contents’ industry opinion on the question of the abnormal ticket ticketing issues and the network fee of the specific film.

On the 19th, 14 institutions, including the Integrated Supervisory Committee and the National Institute of Korean Language, were listed by Lee Jae-young, CEO of Coonskin (Witness), BAE Ocean Canola (Witness), and Jung Byung-soo. In addition to violating the copyright work of the horse business, the issue of illegal activities of accommodation application illegal acts and excessive fees are on the cutting board.

On the 24th, the overall audit day, Chung Mong-kyu, chairman of the Korean Football Association (Reference), Too Rachel, Chairman of the Korea Professional Golf Association (Witness), and Won Oh-gap, the president of the Korea Pro League Federation (Reference), were adopted.

The members of the Culture Committee will point out the ILPGA relay contracts, the insolvency of the professional sports association, and the K-League New Media Monopoly. Kim Young, the head of the Broadcasting Branch of the Hope Solidarity Headquarters, asks for the unfair trading of video outsourcing.

In addition, on the 11th, 10 organizations including the Cultural Heritage Administration were adopted by former Gimme Mayor Huh Surgeon and Gimme Mayor Hong Jae-young as a witness related to Guangdong. On the 14th, six institutions, including the Korea Sports Association and the National Sports Promotion Corporation, will be referred to as reference to King House and Kim Jong-un, director of the weightlifting team. On the 18th, 24 organizations, including the National Museum of Korea, will listen to the failure of the labor workers of the culture and arts workers through the representative of Lee Jungkook.

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