How to call PSE explosion in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

PSE bursts are the main method of obtaining a large amount of experience and mining in Phantasm Star Online 2: New Genesis. However, they can be difficult to cause if you do not understand how they work. They are not particularly intuitive and not very well explained in the game. Fortunately, they are quite easy to activate if you know how to do it, and this is a great way to increase the level of your classes. Here is all that we know about how to launch PSE Burst in Phantasm Star Online 2: New Genesis.


launch PSE BURST

You must first be inside the combat sector to activate PSE BURST. You will understand that you are inside the battle sector when you see the PSE Burst scale in the upper left corner of the screen next to the radar. Speaking about the PSE BURST counter, this is an indicator that you want to see how close you are to launch PSE BURST. The counter usually begins empty, but as you kill enemies in the combat sector, it will begin to fill up over time. Please note that killing random enemies can lead to loss of progress on the scale.

So that this does not happen, as far as possible, you need to focus on the groups enemies marked with the icon yellow e . The complete destruction of these groups will lead to the fact that your PSE BURST scale will increase randomly, force one more E in another place or make TRIAL appear. Tests marked with a sign Blue T-shirt instead and are the most important factor in the launch of PSE BURST. When the PSE Burst scale is almost filled, four out of five strips are filled, the test in the test always causes PSE BURST. You will learn that PSE Burst is active when the indicator will fill and start flashing.

Although initiating pse burst is very simple, it is also easy to spoil the potential trigger. As already mentioned, the murder of random enemies often leads to a loss of progress in PSE Burst. However, if you get a trial version, and the PSE Burst scale is almost not filled, it is better to refrain from its murder. This is the only situation when you can kill random enemies, because they can still increase the PSE BURST scale, despite the dangers. Always try to maintain the tests until the scale is almost filled, so that you can run pocket packages sequentially.

explosion PSE on BIS

When the PSE explosion is triggered, the rapid murder of enemies that appear during the explosion will cause the second PSE explosion immediately after the first. This is called PSE Burst Encore and is ideal for obtaining as many experience and production as possible. They are quite rare, so do not worry if you do not get PSE Burst Encore every time. Think of them as a reward for the effectiveness of your efforts.

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