When are the events of The Last of Us?

The Last of US is an adventure game in the Naughty Dog horror genre, released in 2013 and quickly received critics. The story of Joel and Ellie, who ended up in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by clickers, creatures similar to zombies, caused a response among gamers. But when are Last of US Events?

When are the events of The Last of Us (2013)?

They say that the game The Last of US is 20 years after the initial outbreak of Codices in 2013. This means that the events of the first game Last of US occur in 2033, and some parts may move in 2034.

When are the events of The Last of US 2 Part II?

The Last of US Part II is about five years after the start of the original Last of US game. We know this, since Ellie stated that 14 years in the original game and 19 in continuation. This means that the action of Last of US Part II takes place in 2038, and some parts of the game also occur in 2039.

When is the series One of us for HBO?

The HBO Last of US series will be expected to follow the events and chronology of the original game quite closely. As a result, we can confidently assume that the action of the series One of us takes place in 2033, at the same time as the game One of us. Nevertheless, the show will also be devoted to the memories of the crisis of 2013 and the events before the start of the show.

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