One -person development project gray, prototype video release

In the one-person development studio ‘IN-D’, the prototype gameplay video of ‘Gray’, the first work, was released.

Project Gray is an open world action adventure game where the story begins with the advanced alien civilization called ‘Gray’ on the planet ‘Asia’. The player is a native of Asia’s native, Carlo, and gains special abilities through Gray’s friendly help, but he is struggling to drive them out after noticing the inner hidden under exchange.
In the meantime, the hidden secrets between their planet, Asia and Gray are revealed one by one.

‘In-D’ cited that the differentiated feature of the game should use the special abilities on Galosh’s right arm to target the numerous spaceships of the Gray and explore the ruins of the Asia planet to dig into the secret. In the process, it will be dense with mysterious puzzles, the tension with the improved creatures, and the confrontation with the Gray Boss.

In the 15-minute video released this time, it contains the process of targeting the spaceship, one of the characteristics of the game, starting with the battle with the improved indigenous people. You can check the gameplay, such as the outside, the inside and the boss war, which utilizes the right arms, ropes, torsion, and climbing.

Various distinctive spaceships are scattered nonlinear to the Open World, and each spaceship will not only be one-time play, but will give various fun with various strategy methods through modular configuration.

Studio IN-D is making the best efforts to make the project Gray’s unique and textured content composition, and will periodically unveil the core contents one by 1. In addition, he is currently developing a single person, but he is looking for development personnel for various job groups.

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