How to start a marijuana sale business in Bitlife

The opening of a marijuana sale business in Bit life is one of many goals that you must fulfill in the test ’& dealin’ Challenge in Bit life. Along with the opening of the marijuana dispensary, you must control it for more than five years . You can achieve this by just opening a marijuana dispenser and supporting his work for five years. aging. But before you can focus on the running part, you must first launch a real marijuana dispensary.


You can open a dispensary by going to the Special Career section tab Work/occupation . In the Special Career section, select the Business option, and then launch option . The start parameter allows you to create a marijuana dispensary for more than 2+ million dollars . At the same time, $2 million is a lot of money, so this is how to get enough money to open a marijuana dispenser in Bit life.

How to buy a marijuana dispensary in Bit life

If you are trying to open a marijuana dispensary in Bit life, you will need 2 million 250 thousand dollars, but ideally you should get at least twice this amount. In short, you want to have several additional millions to invest in your business and support its work.

Fortunately, it is incredible to earn enough money in Bit life to invest in any startup. We recommend that you become actor and practice your acting for the simplest route. Start with acting lessons when they are unlocked at eight years and make sure that you have practiced at least four or six times in your acting abilities before growing up.

In addition, continue to practice until you completely fill out the scale of acting. But as you practice, make pauses and join the drama circle when you reach a secondary school. This is not mandatory or necessary, but will help you get roles later. Nevertheless, you should also consider the possibility of obtaining incomplete employment or make several freelance jobs to earn enough money to hire an agent by talents. In short, you need talent agent to help your character get a job when you finish high school.

When you finish high school, ask your agent to find talents to find roles so you can earn enough money to buy a marijuana dispensary. This may take several attempts, but, in the end, if you continue to get roles, you can get the best roles later. We recommend trying to get a role in a television show, which will bring you to least 100k every year.

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