Apparently, there are no good presales for iPhone 14 and 14 plus

Last week the new Apple devices that will go on sale were announced, here the new Apple Watch are included, the next generation of wireless hearing aids, and obvious, the phones on duty. And while people have received the devices well, it seems that the simplest models of iPhone 14 have not been so requested.

As mentioned by the analyst called Ming-Chi Duo, The presale for these cell phone versions are not being good, and this is due to waiting times in the official Apple store. With a comparison that was made with the models pro and pro max, of which you must wait up to six weeks of its launch to get them.

As for normal versions, waiting times are much lower, indicating that things have not been favorable for devices, and therefore, people are more in favor of premium versions. That means that Apple would cut shipping forecasts, thus being one of its least successful phones in recent years.

In news related to Apple . It has come to light that the experts of Android have already begun to plagiary one of the functions that will give distinction to the next iPhone 14 . As is a calla of what was seen in the official event. If you want to know everything related to the news, we invite you to click on the following link.

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