[Indie Language] I made a game to change my perception of autopsy.

There is a book, ‘The lawyer almost died by the ax.’ It is a book by Professor Moon Kool-Aid, famous for being the first lawyer in Korea. The title of the book is based on the true story of the author. In the old days, a family who refused an autopsy wielded an ax to the author. It is an anecdote that was deeply rooted in the idea that the autopsy killed the dead twice.

Over time, the times changed. After whom died, who died, who died, was a natural process to grasp who died. However, there is still a strange rejection of the autopsy that is done to figure out how to die. It is not possible to deny that the autopsy is still a terrible thing, even though it is visible and positively changed through various media such as the drama ‘Sign’, ‘God’s Quiz’, and ‘Swordsman’. In various media, autopsy rooms and Young an homes are consumed as tools for horror genres.

In the meantime, there are those who are making games to improve autopsy awareness. Indie game developer Gemstone Games is they. Those who believe that the game can give not only fun but also people’s stories, emotions, and information, is currently developing a mystery adventure game, For your well-being, which reveals the truth of the case with an autopsy. So why did they make such a game? Game Mecca listened directly to the representative of the Among Games Yuk Take.

Maya Science Investigation Division explores the truth for your well-being

For your well-being, it is a mystery game that reveals the truth through autopsy. The player becomes a lawyer and leaves the journey of finding the truth, and in the process, he collects clues that can be found through on-site visits, options, and autopsy. Finish.

In this vague process, the game presents a guideline so that the player can easily collect evidence. Evidence acquired in this variety of directions is organized through the list of events, the most important system in the game, and can record the evidence collected from the list. The information that might be complicated is made and organized in one sentence to make it easier to identify and collect information.

The medical terms that may be difficult to have been omitted so that the player is not confused. This is because the main game is to grasp the information rather than to save the testimony. Even in the autopsy process, the simulator characteristics were taken close to the actual process, but it was excluded from taking a long time or inaccurate results, and it was possible to acquire the appropriate information each time the exact mechanism was performed. This optimization allows you to play the game without prior knowledge of autopsy, allowing the need for autopsy and the core of the game at the same time.

A clear message, delicate approach

Gemstone Games is a small indie game developer with four graduates of game talent and two people interested in the project. The reason for the first autopsy as the main plan was thanks to the inspiration of Min Songhai. As he gradually gained weight on this project, he began to develop as the first principle that he should not go too lightly as he dealt with death.

All the characters in the game consisted of a person who added animals and humans, not humans. This is to ease the difficulties of facing the body as a person. In the process of establishing the worldview, various words related to Maya, the old country, were used. That’s why I refer to Korea in a variety of ways in the background of the game. In addition, Yuk replied that this is related to the story in the game, but it will be gradually felt while playing the game.

In the development process, I received a lot of help through interviews and feedbacks by various incumbent officials and professors. In the early days of the game development, the feedback from Professor Kim Wonky of Han yang University, Professor Choir Sung-woong, and Professor Jadhav Lee, who told the story of the field, was a great help. In addition, it was said that various videos related to forensics and forensic medicine were referred to by containing the testimony and the scene.

In the process of making a game that contains a message that can change people’s perception, the most difficult thing was, I think our message will be conveyed. Nevertheless, Gemstone Games is firmly developed for the launch of October, promised with users. I’m immersed.

Thank you to those who are on the spot

‘For your well-being’, he participated in the Connect Pick Zone, which gathered the indie games that he would like to see again at the BIC Festival 2022 held on the 1st. This is because he won the Rising Star and Game Design Award at the BIC Festival 2021.

When asked what you think of the indie game, Yuk recalled the experience of the time and said, I felt it while watching a lot of booths, but it seems to make the game they really want to make without external interference. As a result, I feel affection in the game and I think there are original games. He feels like a self-employed business owner with his name.


Mr. Yuk said, I would like to express my gratitude for the efforts of the forensic doctors who reveal the truth through autopsy on the field. Seems to. I hope there will be a lot of opportunities to see more original and fun games with such an environment. Thank you. I hope their messages will help to improve their perceptions by reaching more.

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