Greece beats the Czech Republic as well as is currently a German opponent

Super Star Antetocounmpo from NBA-Club Milwaukee Bucks only loomed over in the 2nd half after a weak beginning, ultimately there was still a double with 27 points as well as ten rebounds.

At the German team there are concern marks behind the use of Franz Wagner (ankle joint) and also Nick Weiler-Babb (shoulder). Antetocounmpo had actually recently whined regarding ankle troubles, however appears to be fit and also fully durable once again.

Schröder: Great respect for antetocounmpo

Before the win of the Greeks, that additionally remained unbeaten at the European Championship, competition favored Serbia remarkably had to remove the sails on Sunday.

Antetocounmpo is among the best gamers worldwide, stated DBB captain Dennis Schröder for the straight duel. The prerequisites he has, from his body, of his dimension, of his design, that is what distinguishes him.

If you want to achieve something in such a competition, then obviously you have to win versus the most effective, continued Schröder. In the end, this will certainly be a sexy challenge. We take pride in it.

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