Why do Portal weapons break in Rick and Morty season?

The main episode of Rick and Morty season was heavy in history and canon, unlike many others that, for the most part, happen in a vacuum and have little effect on the program. Season 6 begins with a direct continuation of the final episode of season 5, in which the Ricks’ citadel was destroyed and Rick and Morty were stranded. So, Why are Portal weapons broken in Rick and Morty season, then? Can’t you leave the portal?

Why are Portal weapons break in Rick and Morty season?

** The weapons of the portal are broken in Rick and Morty season because Evil Morty destroyed the finite central curve.

The finite central curve, which is only a portion of the infinite universes, still infinite, but each universe shares a unique characteristic: Rick Sanchez is the smartest man in the world. Every time Rick and Morty travel to another universe, they only travel to those who are part of the finite central curve, never outside that bubble.

To escape the finite central curve, Evil Morty created a giant portal device that would open a hole through the curve and enter into truly infinite possibilities, simultaneously destroying the curve and preventing the weapons of the portal from working correctly.

So that’s ** Why are Portal weapons broken in Rick and Morty season? If you long for more information about Rick and Morty, put up on what happened to Rick’s first family or why Rick, Morty and Jerry shone green.

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