How to go through the barrier of the metro line 14 in Soul Hackers 2

A huge number of labyrinth areas similar to puzzles in Soul Hackers 2 are a huge pain, and the search for a path through them can take several hours. You have no hours to find the way through stages such as the metro line 14 in Soul Hackers 2, where there are barriers that will stop your promotion.

This leadership will help you go through the metro line 14 in your desire to kill Mangsu in Soul Hackers 2.

How to go through the barrier of the metro line 14 in Soul Hackers 2

The metro line 14 is not so confusing, but there are many barriers at the level that will close after you pass them. These barriers make you make certain turns at each point so that you can move along long corridors.

You have a demon that leads you through the labyrinth, but you still need to think carefully before you go through any of the barriers on the metro line 14.

One thing you need to know is that whenever you use one barrier, it, in turn, will close all the open barriers, and all the closed barriers will open.

14th metro line

After you enter this area, go ahead, and you need to turn on the second bend to the right. After you go through your first barrier, go through this section, making all the correct turns that you get. Although this will return you to where you started, the barrier at the end of the corridor will now disappear.

Go through the recently open barrier and turn left. Then turn right and wind this area, holding the left.

Returning to the intersection from which you started, go to the end of the corridor, ignoring any other path that you see and cross the barrier at the end of it.


Turn right after the barrier and turn left again at the end of the corridor. From here turn right and follow this path through the barrier, and then return to the intersection.

Go straight, now cross the open barrier and enter the room to the right of you. Kill the enemy there, talk with the demon and then turn right as soon as you go out.

Go right from the barrier until you cross the second barrier, then turn left to return to the intersection. Turn right from the intersection, and then go straight.

Finally, you need to turn left first, and then, when you cross the barrier, turn right, and there will be a portal right in front of you, to which you are trying to get to.

The intersection of the portal will lead you to the battle with the vile goat-headed demon.

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