GOG distributes dark action


Not just Steam and Epic Games give away PC video games from time to time, Gog additionally puts on the donation trousers from time to time.


Once again no plan what you should play? GOG might have the appropriate point for you. Since the DRM-free Steam alternative is handing out an activity roguelike with RPG elements that bears the name Lovecraft’s Untold Stories .

In the 2D shooter you are strolling via the game world, firing all kinds of disgusting creatures over your stack, accumulates things and brand-new devices and in this means tries to more enhance your character;

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories dirt off at Gog

You can also pick 5 various video game personalities , every one of which have different benefits and also disadvantages: exclusive detective, witch, thief, professor or also an evil spirit.

Appears intriguing? You should instead hurry-because the present project runs only till August 31, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. . Afterwards, Lovecraft’s Untold Stories sets you back 14.99 euros once more.

Your goal is to place the excellent old one, without falling crazy . To do this, you need to try to find all type of expertise as well as documents in the game world that present you to the Cthulhu misconception and also hence at the very least partially plan for what is imminent.

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dirt off a lot more free games

If that is not sufficient, you can also have a look at the existing totally free offer of the Legendary Games Shop. A category mix of card game, dungeon crawler and also Roguelike is presently being provided there with Ring of Pain .

However, this offer also applies only until Thursday , after which the supply of the cost-free games will certainly be re-elected once more. Hurry up!

Not only Heavy Steam as well as Epic Games give away PC video games from time to time, Gog also puts on the donation pants from time to time.

Due To The Fact That the DRM-free Steam choice is offering away an action roguelike with RPG components that births the name Lovecraft’s Untold Stories .

You should rather hurry-because the gift project runs just until August 31, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. .

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