Victory Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes latest information! The 14th anniversary illustration is also released

The latest information on the Nintendo Switch/PS4/smartphone’s soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven Heroes Victory Road has been released on Twitter by Mr. Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of Level Five.

This is the latest work of the hyperdimensional soccer game Inazuma Eleven series. Includes the Story Mode, which depicts a new story of the new protagonist, Sasanami Unmei, and the Chronicle Mode, a hero’s row of a hero who defeats terrible enemy teams. It is called The latest work of Inazuma Eleven, which returns to the origin and a new life.

This time, the image under development of Story Mode was released. The game movement screen and three storyboard luffs are introduced. Large information will be announced this winter, and the quality has been stated, I’m going to pack it in the future!

In addition, the official Twitter of Inazuma Eleven has also released a commemorative illustration of the 14th anniversary of the series. To commemorate the 14th anniversary, it is an illustration of Yumito Onomichi, Mamoru Endo, and Shuya Gotenji. Please also check here.


Victory Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes is undecided in both release and price.

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