Timaia can you defeat Varga in learning?

Varg is a emerging knight that you will encounter during the training part as the first boss of Metimesia, and then return for the second meeting later in the game.

Please note that, like teaching bosses in most games Souls or Souls-like games, the warg is intended to kill you. You cannot defeat him. The maximum that you can do is to apply enough damage to devastate its first strip of health, which will unlock You will not pass !!! Trophy/achievement in the game.

The next leadership will show you how to beat the Varga for the specified trophy/achievement in Timesia.

How to win the Varga in the first skirmish

Varg is simply in the training section to give players an idea of what the struggle with the main bosses of Timesia is similar to. Although you will not be able to completely defeat him until he again appears in the game, you can survive for a long time to unlock the aforementioned trophy/achievement for the right to boast.

Varg has four main attacks during the battle. Acquaintance with these attacks will help you survive for a long time to deliver several your own blows.

Being an educational boss, Varg is actually not so complicated in battle. He has limited mobility, and the animation of his attacks is also slow, most of them have an animation of folding to warn you in advance.

Care + a blow above his head: * Varg chopping his weapons, and then attacks from above.
Double slash: Varg twice chop his weapons.
Overheard blow + blow + blow: a mortal blow from above, followed by a chopping blow and an injection.
Back, a jerk + cut + injection: * Varg rushes away, and then attacks you with a chopping blow and a blow.
Verkhok back + attack in the jump: * Varg rushes away before making a mortal attack in the jump.

Below are some tips and fairly simple strategies that will help you dodge the barg attacks.

run in a circle

Patience is the key here. Continue to run around Warg and let him start the attack first. Set up the camera so that carefully monitor the barg.

In addition, you are strongly recommended not to close in the warga. This will make it difficult for you to evade his attacks.

Detlate off his attacks

Varg, most likely, attacks in a jump on the opposite side of the arena or run into you and waving his big sword.

If he jumps, go by from him; If he swings right at you, evade; And if it approaches close, dodge twice (press the bypass button twice) to repel his attack and make room for yourself.

Blow and retreat

After the second step, Varg stops, leaving himself vulnerable to an instant attack. The white band of the health of the Varg can be quickly empty with two or three quick swings of the saber, and then dodge when he attacks you. Your attack of claws will be very effective if you find that the warrus is wounded. Attack him and rush away.

Use potions and feathers

As soon as the wars is wounded, move away from the wars and use one of the three healing potions to restore health. If you notice that a strip of health of Varga glows green when he is wounded, throw a feather in the Varga so that he will not be able to restore his health.

Rinse and repeat

In short, run in circles and evade his attacks. Draw a blow when you see that it is wounded and quickly retreat. Use your potions and feathers and continue to run around the arena.

You must repeat all the steps until you empty its first health lane for trophy/achievement.

How to fight a warg without repeating training?

When Varg kills you in the training section, you will automatically go to the philosophical hill to start the main storyline. There is no way to return to the educational arena for another round with a warg for hunting for trophies / achievements.

You can always create a new saving file, but then you must go through the entire textbook until you reach the wars. If you die again, you will have to create another conservation file, which makes this process rather bulky.

The trick here is to forcibly leave Timesia as soon as the Kat-scene of death begins after death against Varg. If you use the console, open the control panel and close the application. If you are on a PC, then the old-fashioned Alt+F4 will do it.

Run the Thymesia game again and download the same saving file. You will appear next to the varga arena. However, you will have almost zero health. Just go back to the training lighthouse to restore the health lane, and then fight the barg again.

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