Sony ‘Days Gon’ makes a movie, the lead role is ‘Outlander’ Sam

On the 19th, the entertainment media deadline reported the film production of ‘Days Gon’, which was released as a new PS4 exclusive work.

Days Gon is an open world action survival game that is in the background of two years after the infectious disease that makes humans into a zombie monster. The player goes through a bike and becomes a Deacon Lie St. Zone who survives in a tough world and goes through a tough world.

According to reports, Sam Huang, who starred in the drama ‘Outlander’, which depicted the 18th-century Scotland as the main character of the game, was decided, and the adaptation was Shelden Turner, who was the original X-Men: First Class. I will be in charge. In the case of production, it was found that it will be held at Sony PlayStation Production, a game IP video production of PlayStation Studio.


Meanwhile, Sony PlayStation Production was a successful production by producing Nui Dog’s Uncharted series in February as a Tom Holland film. Video of various game IPs is in progress.

For more information about the Days Gon movie, it will be officially published in the future.

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