Strategy INKULINATI new trailer released in a medieval picture book -early access starts in 2022

Developer Yaza Games and Publisher DAEDALIC ENTERTAINMENT have announced a new trailer, announcing that early access to medieval manuscript-style turn-based strategy Inkulinati *will start in winter 2022.

This work is a turn-based strategy game featuring an inkulinati, a magic Living Ink, who can freely manipulate what he draws, uses other Inkulinati and use creatures drawn with ink. By collecting Living INK, you will be able to handle unusual creatures such as donkeys blowing trumpet with buttocks, cats who defeat enemies with prayer, snails eating humans.

In addition to single play campaign modes, in addition to the single play campaign mode that fights the named powerful enemies of the medieval, such as the Reaper and Dante Aligieri, there are also local competition modes in which two players fight alternately to rescue the crisis. In both modes, the situation of the map is grasped and a foresight and cunning play is required.

Inkulinati is scheduled to start early access and Xbox game preview for PC (Steam, Series X | S/Xbox One. At the time of official release, the Nintendo Switch version is also scheduled to be released, and there is a possibility that compatible platforms will be added in the future. It will also support Xbox Game Pass.

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