What is the time of daily reset in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy is an open world service that will receive constant updates and new content. It also means that many actions are performed daily or weekly and must be dropped before you can fulfill them again. This may make you ask you when there will be a daily reset for Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy-daily discharge timer

The time of the daily reset Tower of Fantasy will depend on where you live and your time zone . Check out our list below to find out when Tower of Fantasy is discarded in your watch belt.


Pacific time zone *-2 a.m.
mountain times -3 a.m.
Central time -4 in the morning
Eastern time *-5 in the morning
Great Britain/Ireland -10 a.m.
India -14:30
Southeast Asia *-17:00
Japan -18:00
Australia -8 pm
* New Zealand -22:00

It is important to know this time, since many tasks are blocked by daily discharges. You will need to perform them several times to move forward and earn experience, awards and research points. It will also help you find out when to return to the game, so that complete your types of activity especially if you have little time.

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