Harajin suspicion emerged in the character motion of Phantom Tower. However, some people feel the repeated history

Level Infinite has launched a service for iOS/Android for ** Tower of Fantasy on August 11. In addition to seeing a sign of success, the character creation function of this work is attracting attention on SNS (related articles). On the other hand, the overseas bulletin board Reddit posted a video that compares the characters of this work with the Harajin character, and seems to be discussing the debate.

Phantom Tower is a free science fiction open world RPG. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) and Android/iOS. It will be released at a later date for Steam and Epic Games stores. The stage is Aida star, where human beings who have left the earth have migrated. Humanity was hit by a catastrophe in this star, but the survivors were living strongly with the devastated Aida stars. Players will develop an adventure over the future of humanity as one of the survivors.

This work has a variety of locations, such as a city that makes you feel the great nature and cyberpunk. Players can freely run around the world while making full use of vehicles, and enjoy activities such as search, fishing and hunting. In addition, battles are emphasized, and have introduced systems such as a combination of battle style that combines a variety of weapons.

This work is often comparable to the popular title Harajin because of the fact that it was born in China and the Open World ARPG and its contents. Under such circumstances, a comparative video has been posted on the overseas bulletin board Reddit, assuming that the character in Phantom Pagoda resembles Harajin.

The above post is a motion comparison video such as an attack on the character of Phantom Pagoda and Harajin. Although it is very difficult to look like, there are also similar movements in motion when weapons are attached. Although it feels somewhat arbitrary, it is a video that feels common, including the atmosphere of the drawing. However, in the same thread, both areas are not similar and similar, and some say that the whole is more similar than motion.

However, some users seem to have a strong similarity of motion, and some of the threads are Copy Pasted in the thread. Although each user feels, there are many opinions that the phantom pagoda resembles Harajin as a whole. Some users point out that Harajin was also exactly the same criticism at the time of release.

The thread above was a thread posted in October 2020 at the time of the release of Harajin. The poster presented a video that compared Noel, who appeared in Harajin, and the 2B that appeared in Nier Automata, about motions such as attacks and dashes. There is an opinion in the thread that Harajin can be seen from multiple games and gathered elements. In particular, there are voices that the dash motion on the Harajin side in the video resembles 2B. In addition, some users point out the similarities with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild in the thread. At the time of the release, Hara God said that it resembled various games.

By the way, in the thread, a certain user indicates that such a point is not out of the target. According to the user, a game that appeared to have been affected by the film was listed in a questionnaire for users at the time at the time. In other words, MIHOYO, the developer of Harajin, was developing while being aware of the influence of various works. In particular, MIHOYO’s development team has named one of the games that MIHOYO’s legendary Breath of the Wild (IGN).

It is likely that new games will be produced and affected by past masterpieces. On the other hand, long-term games will not be able to stand just by imitating popular works. Harajin is still popular, and it seems that it is still popular and has recorded exceptional sales (related articles). Such success is not only affected by other works, but also the result of nurturing Harajin as a unique work.

In the Phantom Pagoda, the influence of Harajin is a glimpse of not only part of the motion but also a wide variety of Harajin. In addition, the user originally received expectations as the same genre as Harajin, so it would be inevitable that both works would be compared.

On the other hand, there is a part that is differentiated from Harajin in Phantom Pagoda, and in addition to design as a science fiction element, multiplayer content, multi-play content, etc. And so on. How will the Phantom Pagoda demonstrate such unique characteristics in the future? And is it accepted by users? I would like to pay attention to the future of the new open world of Open World in China.

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