The great Ironheart villain is filtered

During the first black panther trailer: Wakanda Forver, we were given the first glance to Ironheart , by Dominique Thorne. Along with this, it is expected that in autumn of 2023 the series starring this character will be available. In this way, the leaks of Ironheart have begun to circulate on the Internet, and One of these finally takes a look at one of the great villains that the MCU will have in the future.

Recently, a couple of images of the Ironheart recordings set, where it has been revealed that The Hood, played by Anthony Ramos , recognized for their participation in the hamilton musical, will be the antagonist of this series for this series for this series Disney+. Along with this, we can see the actor with his comics suit.

We first saw The Hood in the comics in 2002. This villain is usually related to Spider-Man, Daredevil and Kingpin, since he is also the leader of several criminal organizations in New York. His powers are magical, and are directly related to sleep. Although for the moment there are no details, It is likely that part of his history in the comics will be modified to give him a great relationship with Ironheart.

Along with this, a report has indicated that The Hood will play a great role in the MCU in the future , so it may even become part of TUNDERBOLTS. We only have to wait, although considering that the Ironheart series will reach the autumn of 2023, it probably spends quite a while before having more details about it.

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Editor’s note:

More than the character, what catches my attention is Anthony Ramos. I am a big fan of Hamilton, and I am very interested in seeing how this actor will give life to one of Marvel’s less known villains on the small and big screen in the future.

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