What is anxious in Project Zomboid and how to cure it

Anxiety is the first phase or option of the first level of the stress wise in Project Zomboid. You will feel anxiety when you fall into a stressful situation, for example, surrounded by hordes of zombies . The other reasons why you may have a muddle of anxious stress are the following:

  • You have recently bit the zombie and you are infected.
  • You are next to the hordes of zombies and were just in battle.
  • You did not smoke cigarettes and have a smoker.
  • You are all in blood and you have hemophobia.

If you ever see aniksus appears on your character, this is probably due to one of the reasons listed above. However, if you were recently bitten and anxious mudl appeared shortly after, it is highly likely that you are infected. In this case, you can’t do anything except the expectation of your character’s invented death. In other cases, you can help eliminate an alarming mud by performing the following actions: Certain activities which reduce the level of stress.

How to cure anxious in Project Zomboid

To cure an alarming mud, you must lower stress relaxing and engaged in activities such as reading books and also watching TV . Washing clothes is also a great way to reduce stress, since the constant presence of blood on clothes can quickly increase stress. This is especially true if you have a feature of hemophobia.

Other methods of stress reduction include smoking cigarettes , drink alcohol land plots there is comfortable food for example, ice cream. Stay outside the battle and far from the zombie will also work miracles to reduce stress. In short, your character will be easy to panic and nervous when you are next to the zombie when you are just starting. However, as the days pass, your character becomes less sensitive to the zombie, the longer you live.

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