SDCC 22: Dragons take over House of Dragon: we will see 17 in total

Thrones game fans around the world have an appoint days. And if throughout the eight seDiego Comicons that lDiego Comicted we stayed with the desire to see more dragons, they will be completely satiated, since according to Ryan Condal, Showrunner of the series, we will see 17 dragons in total.

This hDiego Comic been Diego Comicsured in the panel of the series at the San Diego Comic with 2022 , where for an hour they discussed long and lying on these ten episodes that will allow us to know better one of the favorite houses of the fans. In fact, the series will show us the Targaryen in its total peak.

In addition, the members of the series cDiego Comict dropped other details. For example, Paddy Considine, who will play Viserys, said we will discover a secret of the character that will help us understand his ambitions and his fall during the series . Meanwhile, Matt Smith, who will put himself in his brother Daemon of his, affirms that his character is faithful to Viserys, but also Diego Comicpires to the iron throne.

Martin gives its approval stamp

Another who also wanted to make an appearance, of course, is the writer of the work, George R. R. Martin, who confirmed to have seen 9 of the 10 episodes of the series. According to him, Condal hDiego Comic done a good job by adapting these stories , giving his approval and staying with the peace of mind that a good job with the series hDiego Comic been done.

We only have to wait for August 21, when House of Dragon will premiere on the HBO Max platform, once the problems are overcome during filming due to the Pondemia of the Coronavirus. We will know events that took place more than 200 years before Game of Thrones, when the Targaryen house wDiego Comic the most powerful of all west.

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