How to get a straw hat in Project Slayers

This makes you look cool like a person, and does not allow you to die like a demon: everything is in a straw hat. Despite the fact that this is a mythical object, the likelihood of which is 0.5% per chest, a straw hat is not so difficult to find, and it should be hunted, because it gives all demons the immunity to the sun, so you can finally go out On the street in the daytime. hours, not worrying about the inevitable damage to the sun.


where to find straw hats in Project Slayers

The straw hats randomly fall out of any first level as well as of the second level . The chest of the first or second level falls from almost every boss, except for Zuko, which makes the murder of the bosses in the simplest way to stumble upon a straw hat in the Project Slayers. Just continue, and in the end the game will give you a straw hat.

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