Alice Fiction announces the service schedule on July 20

‘Wonder Planet (CEO Tsunecawa Tomoki, Tokyo Securities Exchange Mothers Listed: Securities Code 4199), which launches its entertainment service business, is the latest development status and’ official service schedule of mobile speed puzzle RPG ‘Alice Fiction’ On July 20, ‘Special Bertuber’ on ‘Yangnari’ channel on July 20 will be announced on July 20.

The special broadcast, named ‘Alice Fiction Official Live β Version Vol.3’, is the world’s simultaneously released beautiful girl subculture game. It is expected to attract attention as it delivers this commentary and contents in line with the local area.

In Japan, 670,000 subscribers, ‘Anju Katrina’, which is a large Bertuber, and a 30-year-old IT programmer and 600,000 subscribers, ‘Yashiro Kijuku (aka Liberal)’, and subscribers in Korea. The popular Bertuber ‘Yang Nari’, which has surpassed 130,000, will communicate with viewers and reveal the question of Alice Fiction one by one.

Bertuber Yangnari plans to deliver customized commentary on the domestic subculture enthusiasts at 10 pm on July 20 at 10 pm.

In particular, this special live broadcast will cover everything about Alice Fiction. Along with the official service schedule that users will be most curious about, the latest information will be revealed to attract expectations for the game, such as the introduction of the game and contents in the game, and the new characters and future events.

The company said that the number of applicants for the global pre-booking event, which began on June 3, has surpassed 900,000. After the official opening according to the achievement of 900,000 people, 10,500 premium quartz will be presented to all users that can be 30 or more.

In addition, thanks to the high interest and response of the users, the number of preliminary application applicants has been expanded to 1 million, and the reward plan has been newly disclosed. As a result, if 1 million people achieve, the number of quartz quantity will increase by 1,500, and if the official service exceeds 1 million people, it will be presented with 12,000 quartz items that can proceed up to 40 consecutive draws as soon as the game starts..

Meanwhile, on July 20, information related to the game where the official service schedule will be released can be confirmed through the Alice Fiction official cafe.

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