Egon: Infera Bellroom 4 new Marions

IToxy announced today that MMORPG, which is published by the company, will launch four new Marions and hold an event to celebrate 100 days.


The new Marion, which is added through this update, is one legend and three heroes. First of all, the cute but tremendous hunting experience, Pupu Pip, has a particularly higher hunting experience rate than other legendary Marion. Marion, a hero, is a blackcat that increases all types of hit and damage resistance, and ‘White Cat’, which increases all type critical hit and damage resistance, is attractive. It also introduces ‘Alex’, which increases the ability to avoid physical distance, and adds 18 new Marions with new Marions.

At the same time, AiThoxy will hold an event to commemorate the new Marion update of ‘Egon’. The ‘Incomplete Equipment Event’, which runs from today to 28th, can earn various rewards including hero-grade equipment by purchasing and strengthening incomplete equipment as a in-game goods.

In addition, Egon has prepared various events commemorating the 100th on July 21st. Five kinds of 100-day commemorative attendance event and ticket event will be presented with various products commemorating 100 days of launch, including events Marion and hero grade equipment manufacturing materials.

The official community will also hold a 100-day commemorative event. In the game, you will find the number ‘100’ and take a screenshot and register it with a congratulatory message and register it on the community event bulletin board.

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