Figure of the star defender Jinx became available for pre -orders

Good Smile has opened a preliminary sale of Figures of the star defender Jinx from League of Legends. One of the most popular champions of the Universe from Riot Games in August 2023 will receive plastic embodiment.

Dynamic tails and a crazy expression on Jinx’s face with a game illustration were accurately transferred to a figure. Kuro and Shirou, its magic means that turn into a weapon, were also reflected by a sculptor who managed to perfectly convey their charming appearance. The base of the figure made in the form of a falling star is another raisen, which fans will not want to miss!

The figurine of the star defender Jinx is made on a scale of 1 to 7 and its cost is 36,100 yen, which is equivalent to 14,852 rubles at the time of writing. The release of the figure is expected in August 2023.

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