What characters in Anemo should you pump Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, players can create a group of four game characters, each of which specializes in certain elements, including pies, hydraulic, electro, cryo, dendro, anemo or ge. Each element reacts differently when meeting with another, and understanding of this is crucial. While some elements are good for applying damage, others are good for their strengthening.

Anemo is one of these elements that, with proper use in battle, can significantly increase the reaction of your group to the elements and the total damage applied. If you are wondering what ANEMO characters are worth the time necessary for a complete increase in level-do not worry. In this leadership, we will tell you about the best characters in Anemo to increase the level in Genshin Impact.


How does Anemo work at Genshin Impact?

In order to most effectively use your Anemo characters in Genshin Impact, you must first understand the basics of how Anemo works and interacts with other elements. Anemu reacts with electro , arsonist , hydro and cryo . The effects of Anemu do not last long, unless the enemy was affected by another element with which Anemo can react. Two main reactions of the elements launched anemo: whirlpool as well as elemental absorption .

Whirlpool *-inflicts spontaneous damage and spreads the affected status of elemental to the nearest enemies
Elemental absorption *-merges with another element to inflict damage to the same type. The absorbed element can also cause further reactions, including twisting.

Anemo-certificates are best used as support to enhance damage from spontaneous reactions. They also have great displacement potential, forcing enemies to discard or attract.

Best Anemo characters to increase the level in Genshin Impact


As a 4-star character, sucrose cannot be someone’s immediate choice. However, it is for this reason that sucrose pumping to level 90 is quite reasonable from the point of view of the spent resin. Along with this, its damage potential outside the field and command buffs make it a very effective character in command compositions, in which there are several elements. Sugarose increases damage from the reaction to the elements, enhancing the skill of the elements of the entire team, which is scaled with its own. She also has a good control of the crowd, and she can collect enemies and weaken them, which makes her a good choice for almost any computer.


Venta is one of Anemo’s most powerful characters in the game, and this is not surprising-he is literally Archont ANEMO himself. An increase in the level of the valve to the 90th level increases the damage caused by spontaneous reactions, as on yeast. He can absorb the previously existing elemental status and constantly use it using quick attacks. Due to its great potential for controlling the crowd, it can attract targets and apply attacks in the area to get rid of the crowd of enemies. With the valve, use transformational reactions and use the full assembly of Elemental Mastery to maximize damage. Since transformational reactions do not depend on the damage of the character or the level of talent. Just focus on increasing the level of the valve of the valve, and not the level of his talent.

Kaedehara Hall

Samurai from the Kaedehara clan and the member of the team The Crux, Kaedehara Kazuha is an ANEMO character who owns a sword who can apply tons of damage, as well as strengthen the elemental damage of the team. He is an excellent selection for Amplifier Reaction, such as Melt and Vaporize. His usual attacks allow him to perform five quick attacks and two charged quick strikes. Although its potential for damage and displacement of Swirl than Venti, it compensates for this with its generous contribution to the command DPS. The oseuskh benefits the most from the full build Elemental Mastery.


The last of the five yaksha sent to destroy the demonic forces of Liua, Xiao, perhaps, is the strongest character of Anemo in the game that causes the greatest damage. He owns a shaft weapon, and his attacks have a good radius of action and speed thanks to his favorite weapon. His spontaneous attack, the Lemniscitting cycle of wind, makes him rush to the enemies, causing him heavy damage and stunning them. When the Elemental Burst Xiao is activated, he puts on the Yakshi mask and receives an increased ability to jump, the increased area of action and damage from the attack, and also transforms all the damage from an attack into the damage from Anemu. Xiao is not the best when it comes to team utility. Nevertheless, its decent damage justifies the huge price necessary to increase its level to 90.

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